The Best Black Santas in History

Best Black Santas

Ho, ho, ho! Remember when Megyn Kelly caused quite a stir in 2013 by saying that Jesus and Santa were both white. She stuck by her guns, initially, then said it was a tongue-in-cheek statement. You know, after everyone in the world started freaking out about it.

Look, most of us know the image of the modern-day Santa Clause is a commercial construct, most closely associated with the ad campaigns for Coca-Cola. (You can read all about that here.)

Whatever. None of that matters now. Nor do Kelly’s crazy comments. But it did get us to do some digging of our own on the topic. Were there other black Santas out there you didn’t know about? Could we bring them together in a collection to share?

Turns out, the answer is, yes! Santa is black and doesn’t look anything like we expected.

Check out the slide show of the best black Santas — or would-be Black Santas. It’s neither scientifically studied, well researched, nor well-Photoshopped, but it does include some Black Santas from pop culture history, and some are just people we dream of seeing in a Santa suit. Either way, we do think it’s kind of fun. Let us know if we missed one of your favorites, and if you’ve got a photo of your own you want to add to the collection, paste it in the comments below.