Top 10 Best Car Wash Scenes in Movies

They can be sexy, silly, embarrassing and hilarious — but however you describe them, we absolutely love them: car wash scenes in movies.

What is it about these magical movie moments that make us so enthralled? Is it the swelling music, the slow motion movements, or the water seductively sloshing over the camera frame like a dancing nymph in the ocean mist, luring a sailor to his untimely doom?

Eh… it’s probably just big, beautiful bodies squeezed into tight, wet clothes. Who can say?

Whatever the reasons, the men at First to Know decided to preserve these classic cinematic memories via a comprehensive slide show of the best car wash scenes. It’s hardly comprehensive or scientific, but it did take a lot of drooling grueling work to pull everything together; somehow they managed to persevere. The first slide shows an image from the movie or scene, while the second slide offers the video clip featuring that footage. We even included one slide for the ladies and gay / bi readers. (You’re welcome.) It’s at the end of the slide show, so click the “left” arrow above if you want to skip to that clip right away.

Have a favorite car wash movie moment that you think should have been included in the list? List it in the comments below with the YouTube link so we can all enjoy the visuals.

Below is a list of the movies in alphabetical order, with links to buy them up. You know, for research purposes.

Bad Teacher

Bring It On

Charley’s Angels

Cool Hand Luke 

Date Movie


The House Bunny

One Night at McCool’s 

Wild Things

And finally, it’s funny, not sexy:

Grown Ups 2