Best Music Discovery of 2012: Chris Malinchak

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional music critic. I’ve reviewed restaurants, travel destinations, movies, TV shows and books. But when it comes to music, I don’t have the education that a good music reviewer possesses. I just like what I like. Granted, that often includes pop songs and dance tracks, but this year I also reaffirmed my love for Sia and M83, which I think gives me some street cred (as the kids would say).

My “discoveries” are often accidental, and such was the case with Chris Malinchak. I was listening to Sirius / XM’s “Chill” station, heard a song called “Beside Me,” and went to see if Brandy had released a new song. Yes, that’s right, Brandy “Full Moon” Norwood. (Don’t judge. I loves me some Brandy.)

Here’s what I found on Malinchak from the Brooklyn Bowl website:

Coming out of New York City, Chris Malinchak is a legendary house producer and one of the most well known of the French Express crew. He brings a sound of Nu Disco, Funk and House that sounds more like an entire band’s composition than one man working with electronics, a feeling that to his extent is hard to come by. His driving beats pair with such a natural grasp on musical composition to create an act that can’t be missed.

This led to us seeking out more of his music, including “So Good to Me.” This is what Jason Grishkoff at Indie Shuffle said about it: “I’m a sucker for rich harmony and a full sound, both of which are nailed in this track.” He’s so right (And a professional, too!). Check it out.

You can find more of Malinchak’s work on his Soundcloud page.