25 Places We Wish We Could Nap Right Now

Napping is an art form, especially these days, with our loud and chaotic society.

Our favorite part about napping is that moment right before drifting off, where we acknowledge that for the next 15-20 (however long) minutes, everything that’s going on can just wait. It’s like putting life on pause for a little while.

So, what is the secret of a successful siesta? Ambiance, of course!

If you are able to find somewhere comfy, quiet, and away from the constant distractions of life, catching some planned Zzz’s can seriously help rejuvenate and refresh the mind and body. Making sure to take a little timeout during the day not only gives you an energy boost to tackle the day’s tasks, it has also been known to provide significant health benefits.

Naps are great for alleviating stress levels, improving mood and feelings of overall happiness, lowering blood pressure, and managing weight. They can also boost our brainpower, including verbal memory, statistical learning, logical reasoning, creative problem solving and our reaction times.

Although humans are monophasic sleepers, meaning that the 24-hours we are allotted each day is divided into two separate periods, one for sleeping and one for wakefulness, it seems that as a nation, we are becoming more and more sleep deprived.

The best places to nap are those that elicit feelings of tranquility and bliss.

Check out the above slideshow for 25 places we wish we could nap right now.

The images are enough to make us want to clock off early and crawl under the sheets while the mid-afternoon light creeps in through the window, or escape to the beach and slowly drift into a dream state as the crashing waves kiss the shoreline.