America’s Best Public Restrooms Put Your Personal Ones to Shame

If you’re anything like us, you avoid using public restrooms like they’re the plague. You don’t have to be a germaphobe to feel disgusted by or at unease with gas station toilets or out-houses, what with all the shoddy maintenance and the questionable antics that go on in there. In fact, many people reserve public restroom use only in case of absolute emergencies, and even then they’ve got all sorts of tricks to have as little contact with surfaces as possible.

Then there are the exceptions: The restrooms in fancy hotel lobbies or upscale malls with their ornate decorations, luxurious amenities and impressive cleanliness. These are the types of restrooms we don’t rush through and even take a little longer than usual to really appreciate everything that’s available. Some of these don’t even feel like public restrooms and are, admittedly enough,  put together better than the ones in our own houses.

It’s these restrooms that the Cintas corporation sets out to recognize every year in America’s Best Restroom® Contest. Any restroom that’s open to the public is eligible and with more and more businesses stepping up their restroom game, the submissions are always mind-blowing.

The latest round was no different. From see-through restrooms, to those that have bar service at the sink area and more, businesses showed off some of the most elaborate, quirky and elegant facilities for customers to relieve themselves in.

The winner from 2013, and the restroom you most want to visit in 2014 is located at Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Varsity Theatre, a vaudeville house for the 21st century. The Cintas website describes this “Alice In Wonderland-like grotto” facility as “one part old-fashioned powder room, one part lounge” from which concert-goers can still view and hear the stage, so as not to miss a minute of the show.

The bathroom is decorated with ornate, gilded mirrors, text plates and disorderly laid bricks, among other quirky features.

One really unique features is the bartenders who serve up drinks over the back counter area into the restroom area. How cool is that?

Check out the slideshow above to see the Varsity Theatre bathroom, as well as images from five of the runner-ups. And to see the winner and runner-ups of last year’s Best Public Restrooms contest, click right here.