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Best San Diego Comic Con Costumes 2016

Comic-Con International: San Diego just wrapped up for the weekend, and it was busier than ever. The 4 1/2-day event features everything from comic books to SciFi and Fantasy novels, lessons on how to break into the comics and entertainment industry, previews of the hottest TV shows and movies, and the largest exhibit hall in the United States for everything fan-related. Companies like DC and Dark Horse comics had their usual booths, as did major movie studios and small, independent publishers and artists.
The 2016 show featured all this, along with a ton of amazing surprises!

But no matter what your passion, the big thing so many fans talk about are the costumes. Fans of Dr. Who, X-Men, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games and every Japanese anime series and game you can imagine dress up to show off their incredible creations. These costumers — known as cosplayers in the fan community — add to the overall fun, so we wanted to highlight them here for you.
Photographer Mari Provencher, our resident cosplayer, took to the halls in San Diego to shoot some of the best San Diego Comic Con costumes for this year. Check out her shots, and for more info on Comic-Con and next year’s event, visit the Comic-Con International website.

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