BEST SENIOR PRANK EVER: Students Hire Mariachi Band to Follow Principal

Senior pranks are one of those things you dream about from the first day you step foot on your high school campus, imagining, planning, and plotting the once-in-a-lifetime practical joke that will set you and your graduating year apart.

There’s a lot riding on it, so you better make sure whatever you do, it’s worth talking and bragging about for years to come.

That’s what the students at a Santa Barbara, CA high school recently did when they hired a mariachi band to follow their principal around while he tended to his daily morning duties. Not only is this prank creative and original, it’s also hilarious.

As much credit as the kids get for pulling this off, we also have to give the principal, John Becchio, kudos for putting up with the shenanigans at the expense of his hearing.

Check out the happenings in the newsclip above.