Le Mieux Review – New Products Fight Signs of Aging, Changing Our Daily Routine

We’ve reviewed a lot of skin care products over the years, but when we read this quote we took notice.

The key to youthful skin is alternating your top serums throughout the week, similar to doing circuit training, where you have specific exercises for specific muscles, and your plan includes a set amount of exercises for each muscle.

This came from Janel Luu, the CEO of Le Mieux, and we’ve heard the sentiment before. Many skincare professionals believe that rotating products is a good idea — age of the product, changing environmental factors, or your skin growing accustomed to one formula can be reasons why a product becomes less effective. In this case, Luu naturally suggests a combination of products from Le Mieux, but we wondered if that concept really worked. We requested two specific Le Mieux products to test out — the Moisture Infusion Mask and RX Complex Serum — to see how they worked.

Le Mieux Review: Moisture Infusion Mask

Le Mieux moisture infusion mask reviewThis serum-infused mask costs $25 does the work of a mud or clay mask, but without all the work and mess. It contains the most stable form of Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate), as well as hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump up the skin cells, and features 3 anti-aging peptides, 8 botanical extracts, and marine collagen to help minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

We’ve used masks like this before, but this one fits and wears very well. The gauze-like fabric rests on the face without puckering, and you don’t need to fuss with it while waiting the 20 minutes for it to work. What’s more, you can actually read or watch TV while wearing it. Most other masks like this fold into the eye area, or start to slip off the face as they dry, but the Moisture Infusion Mask stayed on well.

Once the time was up, we just took it off, gently massaged the excess serum into our skin. And the best part? Our skin felt really cool, clean, and refreshed. We did a treatment before going out to a friend’s birthday and — no joke — three people asked if we’d had facials that day because our skin looked so fresh and bright.

Le Mieux Review: Rx Complex Serum

le Mieux rx complex serum reviewThis is the serum to use when you’re looking for a simple skincare regimen. It should be used twice a day, after washing, and applied to your clean, dry face. It contains a number of ingredients that work to stimulate collagen, elastin and glucosaminoglycans production, reducing wrinkle depth and minimizing lines. The magnesium ascorbyl phosphate in the serum brightens skin by suppressing hyperpigmentation, and the Tocotrienol reverses damage from stress and UVA/UVB rays. In essence, it’s a powerhouse at fighting all the signs of aging.

While it is $65 for the bottle, you don’t use very much at all. Indeed, we used only four drops per application — two for each half of the face — and the skin really did start looking cleaner and smoother. It has a light citrus scent, but that dissipates quickly. Our skin felt really nice and soft after each use, but unlike other skincare products our skin didn’t feel tight; too often these serums leave you feeling like you’re walking around with a layer of chemicals on your face, but the Rx Complex Serum went on easily and felt non-existent.

Final Thoughts

Part of looking good stems from feeling good; this is no big surprise. So, it’s possible that by using Le Mieux we felt better about ourselves and that self-confident glow helped add to the positive results we saw. If that’s the case, then wonderful! The two products would normally cost a total of $90, and God knows we’ve paid more for spa treatments that didn’t make us this happy, so from that perspective it’s definitely worth it.

We used the products for a month — the Rx Complex Serum every day and a mask once a week — and our skin looked better, felt smoother. Those fine lines around the eyes and mouth did appear minimized. And while it’s possible that our skin may grow accustomed to the product over time and not show such significant results, for now it’s worked wonders and we’re making it a regular part of our daily routine.

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