Best States for Jobs – Where to Live and Work in 2014

Want to improve your employment opportunities in 2014? Your best bet may actually involve moving.

When Realtors attempt to attract out-of-state home buyers, one of their major selling points is the area’s employment rate. This is even narrowed down to specific cities and towns, and could technically apply to in-state movers as well. Since the promise of employment a universally valued characteristic, it’s likely that many people are considering improving their odds in another state. This applies to the unemployed and the dissatisfied, but it might also pose cross-country opportunities to the happily employed in the form of job relocations.

According to a study by researchers at Georgetown University, the industries that will experience the most growth from now through 2018 are:

  • Marketing, sales and service: 212,100 jobs
  • Hospitality and tourism: 175,300 jobs
  • Health science: 152,000 jobs
  • Business, management and administration: 118,800 jobs
  • Law, public safety, connections and security: 62,600 jobs

CNN Money has a helpful calculator tool that can allow you to easily compare the cost of living between two different cities — either in the same state or across the country. You could use this to compare the cost of living at your current location and see if the benefits are worth it. You’ll also want to scope out the housing situation immediately.

Above are the three best states for jobs to put at the top of your list.

About the Author: Ken Cramer is a consultant who likes to help businesses maximize their resources.