The Best Window Family Decals and Stickers — Ever!

Love them or hate them — it doesn’t look like sticker families are going away anytime soon.

If you’ve seen the back window of a minivan, motor home, or any other car for that matter, you’ve most likely seen stick-figure family portraits. These window family decals and stickers have become increasingly popular over the years, featuring the expected mother, father, kids, and even pets. (Don’t judge. For most people, they’re part of the family, too.) But as the cute stickers became popular, funny ones started creeping up as well — think silhouettes of strippers, Disney eared people, and the infamous zombie family. Heck, the Star Wars characters are so popular you can easily buy Star Wars Family Car Decal Automotive Vinyl Sticker┬áset and even Star Wars Storm Trooper family vinyl decals if you want to feel a little more creative with your choices.

And, what does this all mean? When it comes to the symbols you can stick on the back of your car, the possibilities are endless.

Like any trend, there has been a backlash in recent years against the stickers, as some people view them as a form of narcissism. There are even Facebook pages for people to voice their opinions about the topic, and an anti-family sticker collection.

This got us thinking about ones we’ve seen, and after a little brainstorming, we rounded up some of the best (and craziest) sticker families to share with you. Enjoy!