25+ Politically Correct Changes to Your Favorite Word Book Ever – Are They Too Politically Correct?

Richard Scarry is best known for his wordbook that was first made popular back in the 50s. It features all sorts of critters performing various chores, playing games, and living out humanlike lives.

The original version book understandably was rooted in the norms of the time, especially where gender stereotypes are concerned.

Alan Taylor, a senior photo editor for The Atlantic¬†noticed the books evolution when he began reading the newer version to his kids. While the revisions make sense, some feel as though the changes ruin the book’s authenticity. Others are quite upset that political correctness has taken over popular society.

What is your opinion? Take a closer look at the photos either in the slideshow above or the larger images below and then vote in our poll!

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An editor at The Atlantic noticed that the "Best Word Book Ever" has become more and more politically correct over… in First to Know's Polls on LockerDome