This Little Girl’s Heartbreakingly Dark Childhood Gave Her the Desire to Kill

WARNING: Content may be unsuitable and disturbing to some readers.

Beth Thomas was only six-and-a-half-years-old when she confessed to a clinical psychologist that she wanted to kill her little brother.

This little girl was suffering from RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) as a result of the sexual abuse and severe neglect she endured as a baby. When she was one-year-old her mother died, leaving her and her brother Jonathan all alone with their sadistic father.

She suffered from nightmares of a “man who was falling on her and hurting her with a part of himself.”

Beth’s dark childhood made her commit unthinkable, bone-chilling acts, such as torturing small animals and molesting her brother. She would physically and sexually hurt him without ever showing any sign of remorse for her actions. Not only that, she was also incapable of feeling empathy, trusting others and showing or accepting love.

The above HBO documentary from 1989, titled Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse, illustrates the detrimental effects abuse can have on a child, as well as the remarkable healing transitions that can take place in a proper, loving environment. Fortunately, Beth grew up to be a mentally stable woman. After obtaining a nursing degree, she went on to author a book called More Than a Thread of Hope.

There was even a television movie that aired on CBS back in 1992 based on her tragic upbringing.

This is an actual interview that took place between Beth and clinical psychologist Ken Magid, who specializes in treating abused children.