Beyonce is Pregnant With Twins And The Internet Has Gone Into Meltdown

Beyonce pregnant with twins
Beyonce is pregnant (Instagram/Beyonce)

Beyonce managed to distract the world from the antics of Donald Trump, for a minute at least, on Wednesday as she revealed she’s pregnant with twins.

The Lemonade hitmaker, 35, confirmed her and husband rapper Jay Z are adding two more to their family in a post on Instagram, which showed the mum-to-be (again) posing in a bra and veil while holding her growing stomach surrounded by flowers.

“We would like to share our love and happiness,” the star, who is already mum to daughter Blue Ivy, 5, wrote.

“We have been blessed two times over.

“We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes.”

It might have been a short and sweet message, but that’s all Beyonce needed – the photo getting 7 million likes on Instagram alone after just a few hours.

Many thanked Beyonce for providing a ray of light in troubling times.

The world is burning and Beyonce’s response is: MAKE TWO MORE BEYONCES

— KOBE BUFFALOMEAT (@edsbs) 1 February 2017

Beyoncé sensed that we were all in need of good news, and so Beyoncé got pregnant with twins. Beyoncé is a woman of and for the people.

— Kelly Andersen (@kellyamedia) 1 February 2017

The New York Post managed to even-out-do Twitter for their OTT reaction.

Beyoncé on the New York Post front page. ???? ????

— BEYONCÉ LEGION (@Bey_Legion) 2 February 2017

Despite it not being anything to do with Donald Trump, somehow he got dragged into it.

Sad that there are more black people in Beyoncé right now, than in Trumps entire cabinet team.

— Gráinne Maguire (@GrainneMaguire) 1 February 2017

Not everyone was sure the earth mother photoshoot was necessary.

I’m still shocked Beyoncé had a whole ass Mother Nature esque photoshoot just to announce her pregnancy on Instagram.

— history guy pietro (@brxwncanadian) 1 February 2017

The Carter twins will be siblings for the superstar couple’s daughter Blue Ivy, 5, who was born in 2012 – four years after the couple tied the knot.

Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy
Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy

But what was with the bare baby bump? Some speculated on Twitter it was Beyonce’s way of shutting down surrogacy conspiracy theories before they got started.

Back when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, Bey’s baby bump appeared to fold during an interview, leading to claims she wasn’t actually carrying her daughter.

Some people who might not be crazy in love with the baby news though are those with tickets to the Coachella Music Festival where Beyonce is meant to be headlining in just two months time.

No word yet on whether that will go ahead, but fans are already excited to see the performance.

Beyoncé is gonna be performing at #Coachella like…

— Wil (@BADDlEWILL) 2 February 2017

Or if she turns up at all.

Beyonce handing the Coachella people her doctors note to not perform

— Ka’Troy Kardashian (@mrLdavis) 1 February 2017