Big Bird’s Twitter Moment + What Would Mr.Rogers Say?

There were many issues that stirred people up during last night’s debate between President Obama and Governor Romney, but out of all the serious issues the one that soared in social media was that of Big Bird’s future.

When the Republican candidate mentioned early on in the debate, “I’m sorry [but] I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS [although] I like PBS [and] I love Big Bird,” a new social frenzy erupted, most notably on Twitter. Within minutes, several Big Bird accounts were created and according to Twitter’s official politics feed there were “17,000 Tweets per minute for ‘Big Bird’ and 10,000 Tweets per minute for ‘PBS’.”

With such a huge spike in Twitterverse about the big yellow bird, we definitely wanted to check it out and find some of the more giggle worthy ones. We have our favorite few collected right here for your laughing pleasure.

After you’re done with the funny stuff, check out a video from 1969 with Mr.Rogers addressing the United States Senate Subcommittee on Communications in order to argue against significant cuts to PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting proposed by President Nixon.

For those who aren’t familiar with the late Fred Rogers (although we don’t believe that can be possible), he hosted a children’s show on PBS called Mr.Roger’s Neighborhood from 1968 till 2001.

Read the tweets, watch the video, share your thoughts below.