Homeless D-Bag Survives by Sleeping with a New Woman Every Night

Everybody, meet Joe. He is a 26-year-old guy from Boston who is currently homeless and living in Manhattan. He’s probably the world’s biggest douchebag ever.

The twist here is that Joe doesn’t consider himself homeless, he considers himself “a gypsy,” and he is unlike any other down-and-out person you’ll ever meet in your lifetime.

He was booted out of his mother’s house after she found a stash of drugs in his bedroom.

During daylight hours, he panhandles on the sidewalk, where he makes up to $150 per day (probably more than some white collar workers here in our office building). But at night, he switches up his approach to surviving a hard life on the streets.

From his perspective, being homeless doesn’t mean that you can’t pick up on girls, or have sex with them. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You see, Joe’s lifestyle revolves around drugs, alcohol and sex. Oh, and we can’t forget that small detail of him maintaining a clean appearance. As long as he doesn’t look homeless and makes sure to keep a little drugs and alcohol in his system, he can put his “cardboard all star” status to good use and attract women.

He’ll literally go up to any girl and hit on them. Why? Because it’s the only way he can guarantee he’ll sleep with a roof over his head and maybe get a hot shower. Sometimes, he gets girls to let him stay at their place for a few days before disappearing and finding someone new.

Joe gets drunk before the sun rises, freshens up with some clean clothes (he only has four outfits) and a fresh shave, and then hits the streets with his not-so-charming personality and cheesy pick up lines.

Instead of using all that cash he earns from panhandling on finding a place of his own, or actually going out and finding a job, he’d rather live what he calls an “abstract lifestyle.”

Honestly, we don’t know how he does it. We also wonder which women he’s already slept with will see this video and realize what they’ve done.

If you somehow wound up homeless, do you think you’d still be able to score women (or guys)?

Watch the video below as the Elite Daily video team chronicles his awful way of living.