The 10 Biggest Idiots of 2014 That Made Us Shake Our Heads in Disbelief

This year has been filled with some crazy people, and inspirational stories. There have been some pretty outrageous pranks, and cringe-worth Walmart stories. We’ve also seen people do some pretty stupid things in 2014, but only a select few have earned the dubious honor of being named the biggest idiots of the year.

Now we take a moment to reflect back on the stunningly dumb things people have accomplished in the last 12 months. From pouring boiling hot water on themselves, to stupid criminals who bungled their escapes, there was a whole batch of idiocy that got served in 2014.

So sit back, enjoy, and feel better about yourself–because with these people in the world, you are officially out of the running for a Darwin Award.

Check out our list of the 10 biggest idiots of 2014 in the slideshow above.