Biggest Loser’s Tara Costa Sued for Gaining Weight

A Biggest Loser alum is in hot water with a fitness company for allegedly violating a business agreement.

Tara Costa was a contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser: Couples 2, where she lost a total of 155 pounds, helping her seal a deal with FC Online Marketing, Inc. But now the company has filed a suit against Costa, claiming she has “gained far too much weight” to represent the company during personal appearances, according to TheWrap.

The lawsuit which was filed in Florida’s U.S. District Court claims Costa signed a contract in which she agreed “to maintain her current level of fitness and conditioning” for a specified period of time, but has violated that agreement.

Michael Parrella, chief executive of FC, told Newsday “We hired Tara Costa in 2011 to be a spokesperson. She came on at a certain weight. We had a fitness clause. She was in material breach after she gained, in my opinion, about 45 pounds. She was supposed to visit 15 of our franchise locations, but we weren’t able to send her anywhere because she gained a lot of weight.”

This isn’t the only grounds the company is filing on. The suit also alleges Costa for signing on with one of its competitors, which was not allowed in their agreement.

But Costa isn’t taking the legal attack sitting down. Newsday reports she is suing FC, “alleging breach of contract over appearance fees and unauthorized use of her name and likeness on,” a website the company owns.

As for the weight claim, Costa’s attorney Darren Heitner commented “My client was willing, available and actually excited to fulfill the terms of the appearance contract. It was no one’s fault but FC Online’s that those appearance opportunities were not presented to her.”

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