20 Most Bikini Ready Cities in the US

Summer is finally upon us after a long winter, and whether you live in the northernmost corner of Minnesota or the blazing heat of Arizona, this part of the year means one thing: bikini season.

Wherever you live, this is the best time of year to hit the ocean, the river, the lake, the pool, the pond–any body of water, really. But hold on, you can’t just throw off your clothes and hop in the water without taking the proper steps. That would be chaos.

Americans are shelling out hard-earned cash just to look picture perfect when they slip on their speedos. Some cities are more ready for bikini season than others, and we’ve figured out which American cities are the most bikini ready, as we call it.

We used MyTime.com–a free service for booking local appointments–to calculate which cities spend the most getting ready for summer per capita. This includes cash spent on everything from waxing, tanning, personal training, pilates, electrolysis, and laser hair removal.

So check out the slideshow above of America’s most bikini ready cities. And maybe start thinking about how much have you spent this year on your bikini body. Because, really, can you ever spend too much on waxing?