Brilliant Roadside Billboards Transform Into Housing for the Homeless

Many cities throughout the US (and even the world) have been making an effort to ban society from contributing to the well-being of the ever-growing homeless population by criminalizing charitable acts and banning soup kitchens.

There are even some places that attempt to deter the homeless from sleeping in public spaces by placing spikes on the ground or implementing slanted benches around town.

It’s as if people think that by pretending the issue is invisible it will just disappear. But that’s not the case.

Thankfully, there are compassionate folks out there who continue to remind the world that homeless individuals are people, too, they’re humans just like everyone else.

An innovative design team from Slovakia called DesignDevelop recently came up with a solution to provide the homeless with shelter. How? By transforming roadside billboards into very small sleeping quarters. These two-room apartments would come equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, office space and a bed.

DesignDevelop offers an explanation for their initiative:

The Gregory project brings optimization to the construction of billboard structures. Such an object would need just  a minimal maintenance cost which could be partially paid through the rental of its advert space.

Of course, these are only digital renderings at this point, it truly gives us a promising glimpse at how we can provide housing for the less fortunate.

Check out these billboard houses for the homeless in the slideshow above.