Bill Clinton’s New Mistress Is Nicknamed ‘Energizer’

Oh, Bill, you always know how to keep us entertained!

The New York Post released portions of a new book from Ronald Kessler called The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents. In it, Secret Service officials guarding the former U.S. President come clean about the hanky-panky happening at the Clintons’ Chappaqua home.

Bill is allegedly having another extramarital affair with a woman the Secret Service has nicknamed the “Energizer” — presumably because she keeps going and going like the rabbit in those famous TV commercials. She is described as having “very perky” breasts, presumably from a boob job. The passage reads:

It was a warm day, and she was wearing a low-cut tank top, and as she leaned over, her breasts were very exposed. They appeared to be very perky and very new and full … There was no doubt in my mind they were enhanced.

kesslerAccording to the book, a supervisor even told a new agent, “You don’t stop her, you don’t approach her, you just let her go in.”

These agents have been keeping the affair a secret from former First Lady Hillary Clinton, though they almost messed up in the past. According to Kessler’s account, “The agents had to scramble to get Energizer out of there so there wasn’t some kind of big confrontation.”

But don’t think that Hillary gets much sympathy from the author. Agents describe the former Secretary of State as being rude towards them. Kessler writes, “Because she is so nasty to agents and hostile to law enforcement officers and military officers in general, agents consider being assigned to her detail a form of punishment.”

Kessler is considered a respected author in some circles; he broke the story about Secret Service agents who hired prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia while they were supposed to be protecting President Obama.

The book doesn’t come out until August 5th, but you can pre-order your copy now.

Bill’s representatives did not comment to The Post for the article.