Bill Cosby Allegedly Leaked Daughter’s Drug Abuse to Distract From His Own Scandal

In recent weeks, the man beloved for playing The Cosby Show patriarch Cliff Huxtable in the ’80s and ’90s has fallen to Earth in the midst of renewed rape allegations.

There’s a new reason to villify Bill Cosby, if a recent report in Page Six is to be believed. Richard Johnson cites an unnamed journalist source who recalls a Cosby-related incident while he was working for The National Enquirer in 1989.

The tabloid, known for lining supermarket checkout shelves, had a story lined up for the front page concerning Bill Cosby, then no. 1 in network ratings, “swinging with Sammy Davis Jr. and some showgirls in Las Vegas.”

When contacted by the tabloid for comment, Cosby allegedly fed them a story, instead, concerning his then-23-year-old daughter Erinn’s battle with drug and alcohol abuse. The original story was subbed out for the new one, showing Cosby in a more flattering light. He was quoted saying, “Deep down inside, she knows we love her.”

“My editor told me that daddy Cosby was the source. He ratted out his flesh and blood,” said the source.

Johnson writes on another unsavory Cosby-related incident wherein the comedian balked at coming to the memorial service of a producer who played an instrumental part in his career. Read more at Page Six.