Bill Murray Showed Up to a Bill Murray Ice Cream Social — Because He’s Bill Murray

Is Bill Murray the new Beetlejuice? Okay, so maybe saying his name three times won’t cause him to appear. But it seems like he shows up everywhere! Sometimes he doesn’t even need an invite—like that engagement photo-shoot, or the bachelor party—to make an appearance.

Whatever it is that summons him, this is the third surprise appearance the Ghostbuster has made in recent news. This time the actor showed up to a Bill Murray Ice Cream Social, Gawker reports.

Joe, the owner of CVT Soft Serve, hosted the event after learning the actor was in town to film a project. He posted an open invitation to the neighborhood, cast, and crew for free ice cream. You can guess what happened next, or just check out the CVT Soft Serve’s Instagram for the photo evidence of what went down.