Bioluminescent Trees May Soon Light Our City Streets

Daan Roosegaarde, a self-described artist/designer/architect, has a project in the works that relies on bioluminescence and is one of the coolest things we have heard of recently.

The Dutch genius is hoping to mimic the luminescent abilities of fireflies, jellyfish or mushrooms and use them to replace street side lamps with glowing trees.

Yes, trees. With leaves and everything!

Roosegaarde is working with scientist Alexander Krichevsky and the State University of New York to bring the project to life.

So how would it work? HuffPost explains the team splices “DNA from luminescent marine bacteria with the chloroplast of a houseplant” to start. “The smaller-scale, glow-in-the-dark specimens would act as the basis for a project of greater proportions — light-emitting installations that look like trees.”

In essence, the whole idea behind this project is to merge nature and technology together as we move forward.