Bird Steals Hidden Camera, Gets Penguin Video You Must See

Wildlife videographers got a surprise while filming a rockhopper penguin colony. A curious bird helped them get some much more involved and lively footage than they anticipated by stealing their stationary hidden camera.

The bird, apparently a striated caracara, intrigued by the egg spy camera, decided the best action to take was to kick it around a bit, pick it up, fly around with it, drop it, and finally peck at it a little bit more. The bird’s extreme reaction seems to scare some penguins, but it makes for a great video.

And so, all due to a happy accident, the bird created some amazing footage that the producers hilariously and accurately call “the first ever aerial footage of a rockhopper penguin colony shot by a flying bird.”

It’s a specific first, but it’s a first nonetheless.

The video is both funny and amazing. You get to see the perplexed reactions of both penguins and caracara to the spy camera, up close and personal. Not to mention the stunning view of hundreds of cuddly penguins huddled together from above.

For those curious, like this striated caracara, the video is from John Downer Productions. It’s narrated by former Dr. Who, David Tennant, and featured in the TV series, Penguins – Spy in the Huddle. You can get more info on the now-famous “bird steals camera penguins” video on YouTube.