Birth Control Break Down: Are Condoms Your Best Bet?

When it comes to preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, there is only one thing that works 100 percent of the time: abstinence. But that’s no fun, right?

So what are the best go-to birth control options for singles who have an active sex life? You can prevent pregnancy though a variety of different methods, but if you have multiple sex partners using condoms is the only way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms have been around forever and you’ve probably been aware of them since your middle school sex-education class, but here’s a quick refresher on them, anyway.

Usually made of latex and available in male and female versions, condoms work by physically preventing the exchange of bodily fluids between partners. There are many different types of condoms, from ribbed, to ultra thin, to flavored and even glow-in-the-dark and you can also choose from different sizes.

Women who are older should use extra lubrication since a natural drop in estrogen can dry you out. Use a water-based lube since oil-based ones can damage condoms.

And don’t always rely on your partner to have one on hand. Carry your own, just in case.

The price for these preventative thin sheaths: about $1 each.

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