Birth Control After Pregnancy – The Options for You

You’ve recently had a baby—congrats! Most doctors give the green light to resume sexual intercourse at six weeks postpartum. And, as evidenced by celebrity Tori Spelling, you can get pregnant again very soon after having your baby if you aren’t taking pregnancy precautions.

Here are some birth control after pregnancy methods to choose from.

Spelling had it right when she said she thought breast-feeding blocked ovulation and would protect her against getting pregnant again so soon after her third child. But, as she soon found out after becoming pregnant four weeks postpartum, it’s not a foolproof method. You always need to have a backup method.

These are safe to use after the 6-week postpartum mark, but you must get fitted for a new one, because the one you had pre-baby probably doesn’t fit anymore. In addition to this, lots of lube will be needed to get you raring to go again, especially if you are nursing. Nursing releases hormones which makes you dry “down there” and lube will help with this problem.

Going back on combination birth control pills after having a baby can interfere with your milk production. Better options are mini pills, also known as progestogen-only pills. POP’s contain only progestogen and no estrogen, which decreases your risk of blood clotting and doesn’t interfere nursing. Your doctor can prescribe you a low, intermediate, or high dose POP.

An IUD can be inserted once your uterus shrinks down to its normal size, which just happens to be around the 6-week postpartum mark. So, if you doctor clears you, you can have one inserted at your 6-week checkup.

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