PUZZLED! If You Can Solve This Math Problem, You’re Probably a Genius

If you’re not already aware, this math puzzle is being shared like the plague. And honestly, we’ve all been staring at our screens all too long trying to figure it out.

We can’t help but share it with you. Take a look and see if you can figure it out (and FYI, 14-year-olds in Singapore are given this problem and supposedly are pretty good at solving it):

math equation gone viral

Need help?

Here’s how to figure this beast out.

1. Note that in the first statement Albert is 100 percent sure Bernard doesn’t have a clue as to the birthday. This means that May and June can be ruled out. This is because the day 19 only shows up in May and the 18th only shows up in June.

2. This means that if Albert was told May or June, he can’t be 100 percent certain that Bernard doesn’t know. This is because Bernard could have the 18th or 19th.

3. However, after Albert statement, Bernard is certain May and June can be ruled out.

4. Bernard then knows that May and June can be ruled out.

5. Bernard says that he knows the answer, which means that the correct date just be July 15, August 15, or August 17. It couldn’t be the 14th because if that were the case he can’t know.

6. Because Albert is 100 percent sure of the date, he has to know it’s July. If it were August, he can’t be sure. This is because there is August 15 and August 17.

7. The answer must be July 16.

Still stumped? Here’s more info on the puzzle.