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Horror Movie Premiere Leaves Audience Puking, Fainting and Rushing to the Hospital

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WARNING: This trailer may be not be suitable for all viewers.

A horror flick that premiered at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival has caused a ruckus.

The premise of Bite revolves around a woman who turns into an insect after being bitten by one. In true horror form, things only get worse from there.

In fact the movie is apparently so graphic that when it premiered, audience members were given promotional barf bags, just in case.

What seemed like a simple promotional gag to get the crowd excited, turned out to be very necessary.

During the viewing, a few people passed out due to the film’s extreme gross factor. One of the barf bags reportedly had to be used during the viewing as well. Even an ambulance was called for some of the sick viewers.

It has definitely gotten the attention of the Internet and will probably challenge some brave souls to test their endurance.

Do you think you could watch Bite without getting squeamish? Watch the trailer above and tell us what you think.

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