WTF!? Bitter Man Mails 15 Chicks to His Ex as Revenge

Adorable fluffy little baby chicks aren’t exactly what you’d expect in a revenge plot, but that is reportedly what one scorned man decided to use to make a point to his ex. The woman, from Washington D.C., was shocked by the revenge attempt—a box of 15 live baby chicks, brought to her door by the mailman, the Washington Post reported.

What was the reason behind such a specific hate-gift? The bitter boyfriend left a note along the lines of “there are lots of other chicks out there.” Maybe she should send him some live fish—because there are other fish in the sea.

That seems like a pretty juvenile way to get a point across, particularly when considering that—while it is legal to mail baby chicks from hatcheries—the process of shipping live birds is often fatal if the chicks get too cold in their packaging.

Because the woman had no interest in keeping the birds, the mailman delivered the animals straight to the Washington Humane Society for treatment, and now the chicks have a new home and care from the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.

The sanctuary director, Terry Cummings, said that all of the chicks survived their journey, probably because there were so many of them—their body heat undoubtedly helped the flock keep each other warm.

Cummings said that the chicks were just one day old when they were shipped, and now they’ve hit 11 days old. He also reported they’re all fine and “just doing their baby thing.”