X-Ray Photos of Really Bizarre Things Pets Have Eaten

Have you ever had to rush your pet to the veterinarian because they ingested something they shouldn’t have?

Pet owners usually take caution that their beloved animals never eat anything that would be harmful to them, but it can’t always be prevented.¬†You might feed them the highest quality food you can find, but for some reason, they still choose to gnaw on non-edible objects, like socks, plastic and even your highly-prized Christian Louboutin shoes.

Whether it’s out of frustration, boredom, anxiety or chewing compulsions, these¬†habits can cause serious problems, such as broken teeth, diarrhea, vomiting and intestinal blockages.

The pets featured in the slideshow above swallowed some rather bizarre items, including a light bulb, fish hook, and even their owner’s bra.

Images: veterinarypracticenews.com

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