AMAZING Moments Transformed – Black and White Photos Colorized

We sometimes forget that the moments captured in the black and white photos were once experienced in full-color — not necessarily in print, but by the people who were there at the time.

Trying to translate these vague black and white tones into color is no easy task because there are only so many shades of black, white, and gray you can get into a photograph.

The task of translating the shade into the perfect color involves loads of research and due diligence. The colorizer must take each black and white photo, research fashion trends from the year it was taken, study different shades of hair color, and gather information on the other pieces of the photo — such as items in the background and foreground.

With a swift eye for color and loads of patience, people are now able to bring these special moments to life in memorizing color. By adding a little color, we perceive the image as more realistic, and thanks to black and white photo enthusiasts (like those found on Reddit), we are able to connect unforgettable moments in an entirely different way.

The fact that we can see photos captured in the late 1800s and early 1900s now in color is absolutely insane. Important historical figures, like Elizabeth Taylor and Albert Einstein, are now able to be seen in in colors that accentuate their real-life characteristics.