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Seeing Black Friday in 1983 Vs. Black Friday Today Will TOTALLY SHOCK You (VIDEO)

Back in 1983, holiday shopping actually looked quite pleasant.

Although, if you were to compare that to the Black Friday madness that now takes place every year, we think you’d be totally shocked.

Black Friday may be the biggest shopping day of the year, at least in terms of revenue generated, but it’s also the craziest. It’s definitely an event we don’t care to partake in, as we don’t want to end up fighting with some crazed shopper over a doorbuster deal, or being trampled to death.

Ever since the cultural shopping phenomenon began gaining momentum in 2006, people have turned increasingly batshit crazy over trying to get the best deals.

There’s even a website that tallies up the number of injuries and deaths related to Black Friday. The current numbers? Seven total deaths and 90 injuries.

Interestingly enough, the majority of people who camp out in front of department stores for weeks never actually get the deals they waited for.

In the video above, a YouTuber took footage from a 1983 news report about Black Friday shopping with clips of the insanity that took place last year. Oh how the times have changed!

Feel free to ignore the end-of-the-world messages at the tail end of the video. Despite the downfall of society, we’re not quite there, yet.

So, remember folks, try and stay safe (and not lose your sanity) out there this year!

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