WATCH: Black Father Tased for Lawfully Sitting in Public Area & Standing Up for His Rights

Chris Lollie, 27, was minding his own business while sitting in front of First National Bank in St. Paul, Minnesota and waiting for his children to finish at New Horizons when police asked him to leave.

As he tried to stand up for his right to sit in a public space, the scene turned grim. See the moment unfold in the video above.

Lollie’s cell phone video has gone viral as the battle surrounding racial profiling continues throughout the U.S.

The alleged victim was aware that Minnesota law states you must be breaking the law to be required to provide your personal information. To make a point, he decided to videotape the encounter, asking why he should have to both leave the space and have to give his information to the cop.

All charges have been dropped against Lollie.

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