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Black Widow vs Praying Mantis — Which One Will Win?

black widow vs praying mantis video

A praying mantis, also sometimes called a Chinese Mantis, is known to capture and eat a wide variety of creatures, including caterpillars, flies, moths, and beetles. They’ve even been known to eat hummingbirds. But when you pit a venomous black widow vs a praying mantis, which could possibly win?

The video below from YouTube is one of many covering the subject. The original video we posted from 2016 has been removed from the platform, but there are other versions. The most popular is a four-minute video, but we neglected to post that here because it’s stolen. You can read all about it below, if you’re curious.

Instead, we’ve posted a video that’s less than two minutes, and that captures the same story. (Who has the time to watch four minutes of an insect fight, anyway?)

Another Video

Original Black Widow vs Praying Mantis Video

As we mentioned above, some guy took the original video, but in this case he dubbed his voice over it. It’s the full video, but he’s not talking about that — he’s talking about his vacation and the bugs that got fumigated out of this house while he and the family were away. Why would he do that?

It’s a trick some people use to steal popular videos they don’t own and monetize off them. In this case, adding whole new music and narration makes it appear as an original video to YouTube’s algorithm. It’s still tagged ” Black Widow vs Praying Mantis ” so that you’ll find it in a search, but now he can collect the ad revenue without anyone complaining.

And, what’s worse? He’s posted it multiple times, so if you don’t pick one, you’ll likely pick the other.

But again, the video is just under five minutes and that’s a lot to watch, so this shorter version makes us happy. Enjoy.

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