WATCH: 10 Year-Old Blind Boy Plays the Blues Like a Pro

When you think of a blues musician, you probably wouldn’t think of a scrawny blind boy born and raised in French-speaking Canada. Call it the Blind Boy blues, or just call it raw talent. But whatever you call it, you’ll need to see this to believe it.

Felix De St-Hillaire, a 10 year-old boy from Quebec, sings and plays blues guitar, working entirely by sound and feel since he born without eyesight just six months into his mother’s pregnancy. The video above shows just one of his performances while attending a summer camp for the blind.

He plays “Every Day I Have the Blues” by blues legend B.B. King with astounding talent. It’s almost surreal to hear it coming from such a young boy in his pajamas.

The camp director who filmed the video and posted it to social media expected his friends to love it, but never expected it would get the attention it did. Indeed, it’s gone viral with more than 90,000 shares on Facebook.

According to his mother Marie-Eve Soucy, Felix has always been something of a musical prodigy. She says he was always fascinated by music, even play drums on his high chair as a baby. His parents bought him a guitar for his sixth birthday, and he taught himself all of his favorite blues songs.