Blind Four-Year-Old Saves Mother’s Life After She Collapses While They Are Home Alone

A four-year-old boy from the UK, named Luka White, is being called a hero after his brave actions saved his mother’s life. Luka has a genetic condition that has left him blind since birth. This makes even simple tasks more complicated for him.

His mother, Treana Richards says that she and her son were both in their home getting ready for Luka to go to school when she collapsed from an intense abdominal pain.

In desperate need of help for his mother, Luka was able to walk out of their home and to the doors of several neighbors, searching for someone who was home and could help. He did finally find someone four doors down the street.

That neighbor called for an ambulance, and Treana was taken to a hospital where she was treated for low blood pressure. Doctors were able to diagnose her with endometriosis, and linked that to her collapse.

Treana told ITV News:

“I struggled on to try and get Luka ready for school and told myself, ‘If I can just get Luka to school, I can get to the hospital and sort myself out.’ But my body had other plans.

After Luka had been up and about an hour, I collapsed on the floor. I physically couldn’t move, it was like my body wouldn’t work.
I couldn’t think how to get help. The pain was rippling through my body.

I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

Treana also called her brave son her best friend, and said that they make a great team, just the two of them.

“It’s me and him against the world,” she said, adding that Luka never lets his disability get the best of him.