Blond Diamond Barbie Doll Is a Drag Queen’s Dream

Fabulous hair, flawless makeup, legs from here to heaven, and gorgeous gowns that leave ladies drooling in her wake.

It’s a description that’s been used to describe two types of fashion icons: A-list drag queens and that Malibu beauty herself, Barbie. Now Mattel seems to be bringing these two elements together on Barbie Collector, the destination for hard core, high-end designer doll fans.

The Blond Diamond Barbie was designed by David and Phillipe Blond, also known as The Blonds, American fashion designers who have created incredible, avant-garde, and over-the-top glam wear for such names as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry and practically every other famous lady looking to make a bold statement on the red carpet. The duo only launched their label in 2004, and after making a major name for themselves in the industry they were asked to create some signature looks for Barbie. Those creations were so popular that they’ve returned with this doll, which some fans are calling the “Drag Queen” Barbie because of its striking resemblance to designer Phillipe Blond. Check out the similarities.

Perhaps it’s because a Barbie Collector consumer is usually an adult– this doll sells for $125 and there’s a limit of 5 dolls per order– but no one seems to really be taking offense to calling it the Drag Barbie. As David Wagner from The Atlantic Wire points out, “Maybe ‘Drag Queen’ Barbie is just a sign of drag’s increasing mainstream popularity. With the latest seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race drawing droves of viewers and lots of people rediscovering drag documentaries like Paris is Burning, the time seems right for Mattel to subvert Barbie’s traditional gender norms… This is the closest they’ve ever come to addressing Barbie’s well-known status as a gay icon. Considering all the ways Mattel could’ve botched this, they seem to have pulled it off tastefully.”

Previous Barbie Collector designs from The Blonds.
Three previous designs from The Blonds for Barbie Collector.
Obviously, Mattel isn’t going to publicly discuss Barbie’s gay appeal, though Barbie Collector did sponsor a special section on in 2011, so the company clearly sees some connection. For their part, Barbie Collector simply describes the designers and their style like this:

Phillipe and David Blond believe that every woman should be glamorous every day. The platinum designers create scintillating styles for starlets: gem-encrusted bodysuits; crystal corsets; mini-dresses lavishly embellished with stars, chains, spikes, and sequins. Fun fashion and rock & roll glam are the only rules for these gorgeous garments. Our favorite blonde celebrates The Blonds, dressed for an amazing adventure. Barbie wears a stunning silvery mini corset dress—designed by The Blonds themselves—featuring countless sculpted faux gems and a full length faux fox fur. Of course, luscious blonde curls frame her beautiful face. Accessories include silvery jewelry suite and glitter pumps. Pretty, provocative, and magical, The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie brings the most sparkly splendor of fashion.

And what do The Blonds think about Barbie herself? In a 2011 interview, Phillipe said, “She’s an inspiration! Barbie inspires me every day AND she’s fun!…  Barbie has not only influenced fashion and style, she IS pop culture. Barbie, like a diamond, is forever!”

Check out a larger version of the Blond Diamond Barbie Doll, as well as some of The Blonds previous Barbie creations.

Detail of The Blonds work for Barbie Collector

Barbie designs by The Blonds work for Barbie Collector