New Boxers Designed to Conceal Your Unwanted ‘Junk’

Apparently, an unwanted erection is something most men are familiar with. Thanks to Bloxers, that will no longer be a problem.

Their motto, is “all about keeping happy men happy. When life makes it hard, Bloxers make it easy.”

The details of the boxers are in its design which is based on comfort and functionality. According to Bloxers’ website,

“Each pair is made using all cotton boxers and a hypoallergenic stretch fabric sewn along the inseam and at intervals around the leg. This fabric, dubbed the ‘deflector shield’ covers your crotch in its entirety and allows you to grow but at a controlled pace while deflecting you to your chosen side.”

Not only is there goal to keep men happy, sexually, emotionally and mentally, they are also helping out for the better good. 25% of all profits go in to research for prostate cancer.

Check out their IndieGoGo campaign here.