Bobbie Kristina Breaking News: Being Taken Off Life Support

Bobbie Kristina Breaking News: Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, will be taken off life support tomorrow — on the 3rd anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death.

According to TMZ, Bobby finally made the decision, “realizing there is no hope for his 21-year-old daughter to recover.” TMZ is also reporting via the New York Post that Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mother, also wanted life support pulled on the anniversary of Whitney’s death to “bond mother and daughter for eternity.”

This runs slightly contrary to a report on Hollywood Life, where an exclusive source had this to say:

That’s what Bobbi Kristina would probably want. That’s crossed [Cissy’s] mind from the moment doctors told her Krissy wouldn’t pull through.

This week is hell, pure hell for her. On one hand, she thinks that would be best. To send Krissy off with her mother on the same day. But if she does that, Feb. 11 will forever haunt her and she doesn’t know if her heart can take that kind of pain.

She doesn’t want to live out the rest of her days knowing that she ended Bobbi Kristina’s life on the same day as Nippy’s,” our source continues. “That would drive her into severe depression and at her age, she doesn’t need anymore stress. She doesn’t know what to do.

The parallels between the two women are haunting, both having been found unconscious in a bathtub, and with drugs likely involved.

Meanwhile, police have launched a criminal investigation because doctors noted that Bobbi Kristina had injuries on her body when she was rushed to the hospital. The target of this investigation? Her boyfriend (who everyone thought was her husband), Nick Gordon.