How Americans Feel About Their Bodies Vs. How Non-Americans Feel About Theirs

In a survey that likely surprises no one, American women and men are less confident about their bodies than people from around the globe.

PsychGuides surveyed 1,000 people — 500 from the US and 500 from various countries around the globe – and asked them to rate features and answer some questions regarding body image issues.

What they found was that both men and women hailing from the US of A rated themselves lower than those outside. American women on average gave themselves a 6.09 rating, while non-American women were at a 7.44. For the men, it was 6 for the Americans and 7.21 for those outside of the country.

When it came to perceived body image, or in other words if respondents felt they had a positive body image, only 52 percent of American women said yes as opposed to 89 percent of non-American women.

The US guys fared a lot better in this category, with 71.28 percent reporting they felt they had a healthy body-image attitude. The dudes from other countries were at a happy 90.30 percentage.

Check out these and other interesting stats in the infographic below.


Infographic courtesy of PsychGuide