Bodybuilder Challenges Friend to Stab His ‘Knife-Proof” Abs

The old adage goes “pride cometh before the fall,” but one bodybuilder took arrogance to a whole new, extreme level.

A Russian bodybuilder, whose name is still withheld, apparently was so proud of his abs that he claimed that they were “knife-proof.” In fact he was so sure of his abdominal strength and muscles that he challenged a friend to stab him with a knife at a party.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry, the two friends were practicing some martial arts techniques and goofing off when the bodybuilder boasted that his abs could withstand a knife. He credited their alleged magnificence to the years he’s spent practicing martial arts since childhood.

When his friend finally put his words to the test, the knife definitely did penetrate those rock-hard abs.

He is now suffering from serious stomach wounds in a hospital after the stabbing. The injuries were not life threatening as they did not hit any vital organs, but he won’t be hitting the gym anytime soon.

His friend is currently being charged for causing serious bodily injury under Article 111 of the Criminal Code and if convicted, could face up to eight years in prison.