Bogus $800 iPhone Rumor Emerges, Twitter Goes Insane

In yet another show of how the internet can send rumors, no matter how unsubstantiated, into a spiral, the ones surrounding the supposed $800 price tag of the yet-to-be-released iPhone has set Twitterverse ablaze.

A new trending topic surfaced early Thursday morning with users tweeting out their fury and unrealistic expectations for the unrealistic price. But it seems that there isn’t much basis to the rumor. International Business Times looked into the matter and reported that the rumor might have started after an article on featuring a screen grab of a Chinese auction site bearing a picture of the iPhone 5 and a price tag equivalent to $800 to $1,000, went live. But the author said that it was most likely a scam and that it is highly unlikely that the price of the newest iPhone will be that high. There were a couple of other reports that made the link between the phone and the price likely, but none seem to hold much weight either.

The rumor might have also been sparked since users of the popular iPhone are already angered by the company’s supposed plans to change up the charger port on the newer model from the proprietary 30-pin connector port to a 19-pin port. This will render many accessories without an adapter– like speakers and power chargers– useless, and users will be forced to buy newer accessories to accommodate the change.

Although it seems like the $800 rumor is a bust, we still thought some of the tweets were pretty hilarious, so we gathered a few together to share with you.