‘Bomb Gaza’: The Google App That Lets Players Carry Out Israeli Air Strikes

Android users can now play what must easily be the most tasteless app ever conceived, called Bomb Gaza. The app, available through Google’s Play store, requires users to “drop bombs and avoid killing citizens,” the object of the game being to kill more Palestinians.

Predictably, Google is being criticized for not removing the game, which was uploaded on July 29, and has been downloaded and installed at least 1,000 times. The widespread complaints and condemnation of the game haven’t received any response from Google. It should be noted, however, that it’s believed Google doesn’t pre-approve games uploaded to its play store.

The Bomb Gaza game makes no attempts to hide its violent agenda, as the name suggests. Users can gain points in the game by flying planes marked with Israeli flags and dropping bombs on cartoon versions of Hamas militants.

Of course, this comes in the middle of a significant surge in violence in the Gaza strip, resulting in widespread deaths throughout the contested region. More than 1,800 Palestinians have been killed in the ongoing conflict, as well as 64 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians killed by cross-border shelling.

People have left scathing review of the game in the app store, as well as taking to Twitter and other social media sites to voice their outrage, calling it an “abomination,” “disgusting,” and “a messed up game.”