Bone-Chilling Urban Legend Comes to Life After Children Go Missing

When you were a little kid, did your parents ever warn you about the boogeyman?

In this eerie and thought-provoking documentary, filmmakers Barbara Brancaccio and Joshua Zeman explore a bone-chilling urban legend that became a horrifying reality.

While growing up on Staten Island as children, they had always heard disturbing tales about a real-life boogeyman who lurked the grounds of an abandoned mental hospital. His name was Cropsey, and he was notorious for a series of child disappearances and murders between 1972 and 1987 in their tight-knit neighborhood.

The legend came to life when a mysterious and demented drifter named Andre Rand began abducting children off the street.

Through a series of interviews with journalists, detectives and families and friends of those who went missing, this story is far more creepy than any work of of fiction.

Out of all the children that went missing, only one body was ever recovered.

This documentary is a reminder that our world is full of mysteries, murders and incredibly haunting true stories.


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