Soldiers Can Now Have Their Bones Copied and 3-D Printed in Case of Injury

Thanks to recent developments in technology, soldiers could have their bodies scanned before going into combat, thereby allowing scientists to keep a sort of virtual twin. With such technology, new bones could later be 3-D printed to replace limbs lost in battle.

The US military is talking to experts at the University of Nevada about creating and purchasing such records, which would allow surgeons to recreate lost body parts for injured soldiers. Remagong reports that the team of experts have already invented virtual operating tables to help medical students learn the anatomy of the human body.


The tables use x-rays and ultrasounds to create an exact replica of a human body, allowing doctors in training to examine a body in great detail without endangering a live human. The scans may soon be used to create a three-dimensional document of a healthy human to be compared with post-injury scans.

The table was designed by US firm Anatomage. Remagong describes the table as “approximately the size of a front door with a large screen which shows a life-size body which can be manipulated in three dimensions.”