Book Your Coffin Size Room at the Capsule Hotel

Japan is indisputably a very unique country. Everything from the food to fashion, Japan’s culture offers a lot of things that other travel destinations may not. One particularly unusual thing that Japan is known for are the Capsule Hotels.

Capsule Hotels are just like normal hotels except for a few very specific differences.You would usually expect a hotel or motel room to include a bed, nightstand, TV, closet and full bathroom.

At Capsule Hotels your room is a lot less spacious, and consist of only a bed and TV.

Travelers must carefully slide into their rooms as the whole space consists only of the bed, with the exception of a television in the top corner. Men and women are usually on separate floors and all restrooms and shower facilities are communal.

There are a variety of reviews for these unusual hotels. Some who have tried a night in the capsules applaud the hotels on their cleanliness. Others note that they have to store their luggage in a locker away from their rooms, since there is no space to keep it with you.

Another downside to the capsules is that the majority of them do not have any outlets, so there is no way to charge a phone or computer.

Although these are important setbacks to consider, staying in a Capsule Hotel seems like an adventure everyone should try at least once.