Meet Boss, Instagram’s Most Photogenic Dog

We never thought the day would come when we’d say we’re envious of a dog, but after clicking through many of this french bulldog’s Instagram photos, we can help but feel a tad bit jealous.

Boss, the beautiful canine takes better pictures that we do and he doesn’t even have to try. The 3-year-old lives in Sweden with his owner, Olaf Nilsson and currently has nearly 185,000 followers on the photo sharing app. Nilsson and Boss like dressing the hound up in fun and cute costumes ranging from a clown, to a gangster to a sophisticate with a tie and a bottle of red wine.

His Instagram account, Bossthefrenchbulldog, came about after Nilsson received praise for posting some photos of the pup on Facebook and realized he would probably do well on Instagram as well. Since then the account has grown with adorable and hilarious photos of the pup doing all sorts of things and looking darn good doing it.

“He acts like a celebrity,” Nilsson told The Local. “He has something, that’s for sure. And people who have photographed him tell me that they think he even poses in the pictures. Not for me though, I have to cheat the system and hold up a treat.”

He also told HuffPost, “I try to please and make everyone who follows Boss happy. Mainly the more happy I make them the happier I get.”

We may be a little green with envy, but these photos do make us very, very happy as well. Check them out for yourself.

All image credit: Bossthefrenchbulldog Instagram