Boston Bombing Survivor Marries the Nurse Who Helped Heal Him

The past Saturday marked the wedding day of James Costello, a Boston Marathon bombing victim, and Krista D’Agostino, the medical professional who nursed him back to health after the horrific event.

After the 2013 attack that killed three people and injured more than 260, Costello required multiple surgeries for the serious burns and shrapnel injuries that he suffered during the blast. It was at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where he was recovering that he met nurse D’Agostino, the woman he would eventually fall in love with.

“One thing that she hates that I always say is I’m actually glad I got blown up,” Costello told the Today show. “I wish everyone else didn’t have to, but I don’t think I would have ever met her if I didn’t.”

He describes her as his best friend and the love of his life.

The two tied the knot at Boston’s Hyatt Regency in front of about 160 friends and family members. The venue as well as the wedding planning services, photography, video and cocktails were all donated.

The couple was referred to as the “nicest, most deserving people,” by Hyatt’s marketing director.

The two are now in Hawaii on their honeymoon. Check out the newsclip below, from when the couple got engaged.

Feature Image: Prudente Photography