Boston Driver Gets Revenge on Guy Who Stole His Shoveled Parking Spot

New England has been hit with some horrible weather recently, and residents have found themselves trapped in the snow and struggling to maintain a normal way of life. So when you’re someone who does get out from under the heap and are attempting to live your life as normally as possibly, it can be a real wicked pisser when you find someone else has taken advantage of your hard work.

Case in post: A Boston resident shoveled out his parking spot on Sunday and used a bookshelf to mark that spot so he could go to work and have a place for his car when he returned that night. Boston’s mayor has stated that drivers are allowed to keep a spot they dug out for 48 hours if they spend at least 10 hours doing the work to dig it out.

Needless to say, when the driver returned home from work at midnight, he wasn’t happy to find that a driver with New York license plates had moved his bookshelf and taken the spot for himself.

Perhaps that NYC driver didn’t know about the Mayor’s decree, or didn’t care, but the Boston driver considered his options. Finally, on Monday night — a whole evening later with the New York car still in place — he decided he wouldn’t take this situation lying down.


“This guy didn’t wait 24 hours so I put all the snow back…” the Bostonian wrote on the Craigslist post recounting the incident. “I was nice enough to leave the passenger door accessible in case they needed to get in for an emergency… like they left an inahler inside or something. But I think he is a total dick and got what he deserved.”

The Craigslist post has since been removed. The local man was interviewed by, but asked to remain nameless for fear of reprisal.

“I’ve lived in Boston for years and I’m from New England,” he told the website. “This was just not a cool move. I’m getting home at midnight and I had nowhere to park. I got emails from people who said I should pop the tires. I didn’t think that was okay.”

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