BottleCamo Keeps Beer 40 Percent Colder Than Your Standard Koozie

We hate warm beer, especially when we are forced to suck it down from a red Solo cup–who doesn’t? So when Adam Callinan and Matt Campbell, founders and CEOs of CamCal Enterprises, LLC, the parent company of BottleCamo, offered a solution to one of day drinking’s most dreadful problems, we were all ears.

BottleCamo not only keeps bottled beer protected from shattering on the concrete or other unforgivable surfaces, it keeps your afternoon brew camouflaged and ice-cold, longer than any other defense on the market.


Equipped with a 1/4 inch thick neoprene sleeve that lines the walls of a stainless steel water bottle, this simple, yet effective innovation has the capability to keep your beer 40 percent cooler than a standard koozie.

No, it’s not magic. It’s pure science.

Perfect for any occasion, place or time, whether it be a day at the beach, hanging out by the pool, camping, flying coach or First Class (the bottle is FAA safe and allowed on all flights), fly fishing, enjoying a ball game (or any kind of sport for that matter), or simply sitting out on your front porch in the warm, mid-afternoon sunshine, the BottleCamo was made to take care of your bottled beer, to pamper it a little.

Even though you very well may be a responsible adult, BottleCamo doesn’t recommend that you break the law by using this benign product where open containers are prohibited.

“From personal experience, I can tell you that this product works!” says Callinan, co-founder and beer enthusiast. “My wife and I live in Manhattan Beach and we ride our bikes down the coast all the time. Just to test the BottleCamo, we took a 30 minute bike ride from our house to our friends house in Redondo Beach in the summer and when we got there it was literally as if the beer just came out of the fridge. When you keep the lid on the bottle, you’d be surprised at how much cold it retains.”

It all started about five months ago, on a sizzling summer day on the West Coast of California. While sitting on the beach with their Uncle Van, Callinan and Campbell, began contemplating ways to eliminate warm beer and red Solo cups from their lives. What materialized from their initial brainstorm was BottleCamo. A way to indulge in a refreshing, chilled beer without being inconspicuous, having to chug it down in three minutes or battle with terrible tasting suds.

“Within three minutes of drinking beer out of a red Solo cup in the heat, beer gets horribly warm. My cousin Matt came up with the idea to cut a stainless steel water bottle in-half and stuff a neoprene koozie inside of it, which at first sounded cool. After he cut one in half and sent me a some prototypes we began doing testing with thermometers,” Callinan says enthusiastically. “We set the prototype outside in the sun in Arizona where Matt lived and were surprised how well it worked, especially considering the prototypes weren’t custom designed, yet. The metal casing kept the bottle ice-cold. It’s not a linear progression of temperature, but the big scheme of the experiment revealed the BottleCamo could keep a beer 40 percent colder than a typical koozie.”

The prototypes Campbell brought to the table were enough of a hint to let them know they were on to something.

“It was only when I saw the numbers that I knew we had something special. This isn’t just a gag gift we’re going to sell at Spencer’s for people to hide their beer. This is actually a product so great at keeping beer cold that it serves as a utility device. It has a purpose,” explains Callinan. “Fortunately there is nothing on the market like it. Although competition is healthy, at the moment we don’t have any.”

Within a matter of months, the duo successfully performed heat transfer testing, constructed CAD drawings and prototypes, filed trademarks, a patent, and performed substantial due diligence to create a relationship with a manufacturer overseas to develop the first production run on Fundable.

Along with their fundraising efforts, BottleCamo has its own functional landing page at, where they have been successfully gathering emails to secure pre-orders with retailers across the country, including one near a race track in Pennsylvania that pre-ordered 50 units.

“At this race track, they are allowed to drink but aren’t allowed to have glass. So it’s purely a safety issue but this was a means for customers who come in and complain about not being able to bring glass containers into the track,” says Callinan. “The outdoor space is huge, especially in boating, hunting and fishing. But our main goal initially is to go directly to the consumer to get as much feedback as we can, interact with them, and make the product better.”

The startup also has an active social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

Adam Callinan and Matt Campbell are serial entrepreneurs that have been involved in a number of startups, from medical device and health insurance reimbursement technology companies, to mobile applications and alternative fuel conversion systems for commercial vehicles at a national level. Their combined skill and knowledge is destined to take BottleCamo to the next level of greatness.


The point of building out this enterprise is to make it automated. Callinan and Campbell’s goal is not to go and hire 20 or 100 people. They want to automate everything from the units coming onshore, to the fulfillment centers and the shipping of the product.

photo“Everybody that has tried out the product has an idea of some way to make it better, and although we take these considerations into account, we decided to create a very simple product to start off with. One product, one option. If we can sell and push this product, we are looking forward to adding on different colors, shapes and sizes. Once this market is created, we will move on to bigger and better things. We are even steering towards making a BottleCamo for wine bottles,” adds Callinan.

Interested in helping BottleCamo reach its $5,000 goal? Visit Fundable within the next 22 days and pledge. If you pledge $16 or more, you’ll receive a BottleCamo of your own with free S&H. If you’re feeling a bit more generous, the Baker’s Dozen, which costs $182 and up, includes 13 BottleCamo’s (a retail value of $260).

“Every dollar helps, especially when it comes to cold beer,” the site says.